Purchasing a home is just about the biggest investment that you will ever make. So as a future homeowner, you should know what to expect before making this big decision. That is where Examiner Home Inspections come in!

Here at Examiner Home Inspections, the job is done with 100% of our ability, leaving no corner uncovered during the thorough investigation of the property in question. As a homeowner you should have an unbiased, competent North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector to evaluate the property you are about to invest in. You should feel confident that you will receive all of our knowledge and inspection experience, and any opinion that we may have to help give you a peace of mind about this commitment.

During the evaluation, we will perform many different exterior and interior Inspections and give you our professional outlook on the overall condition of the home. At the end of the Inspection, each client will receive a report on the home and property, and a summary of the items that need repairs.

This report on the findings of this property will better enhance your ability to make your decision about this big investment. So, in your search for a new home, use a professional that can help you make that decision properly. Your search for a quality home inspector can stop here, at Examiner Home Inspections! Our report prices start as low as $175.

We also offer Water Tests to check the presence of bacteria in your water. Our water test analysis is performed by a third party certified testing lab in Greensboro, NC.

BACTERIALOGICAL WATER TEST: (Tests for bacteria present in your water): $100

HOMEOWNERS WATER TEST: (Complete water tests include checking for the presence of bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, and lead in your water): $175

Examiner Home Inspections performs inspections on all phases of new construction homes, office buildings, and churches. Please call us today for pricing.

*SPECIAL OFFER: On your new home purchase, either new construction or existing home purchase, we offer re-inspections that are performed within one year of your purchase to recheck all components of the home for changes. Special offer price applies with One Year Re-Inspection on your home.

Call us with any questions or to schedule your inspection today at: 919-932-0852

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